An anonymous debut EP dropped into my inbox last month from London artist Hanetration asking for some feedback. Currently unsigned to any labels Hanetration’s Tenth Oar EP has been released as a free download on Bandcamp where his anonymity remains intact with no additional info. on the artist.  He describes his music as “ambient soundscapes, woozy atmospherics and glitchy sound collages – music for headphones” and I would pretty much go along with that, but I would also add that the EP is compellingly different, sonically inventive throughout and one of the most promising debuts out there in the ambient/experimental field at the moment.

Opening track Rex immediately grabs your attention with its frenzied babbling vocal layered with fluttering flute tones and a quirky beat underlying a mumbling voice buried in hazy delirium. Piano notes meander above a low static layer here and there before the rhythm picks up again to fade out on that fevered vocal line – a superb track!  Alarm builds slowly with piano over dense layers of velvet drone into a mournful death march parade. Lifting the tone slightly, but still with a melancholic air, Rufus includes some wonderfully bowed psaltery-like sounds which stretch out over a steampunk mechanical rhythm full of hiss and steam. Final track Wreck has a delightfully twisted vocal like a lost soul wailing in a fog shrouded limbo with a slow pulse beneath supported by an insistent pickup glitch.

No hesitation here – go and download this now! This is a very exciting debut from Hanetration full of unusual and well mixed sound combinations and very worthy of the 24 minutes of your time that it will take to listen to the full EP.

Hanetration – Tenth Oar. Self released on Bandcamp 6/1/12

Hanetration – Soundcloud