The online electronic/experimental/ambient music magazine Futuresequence has attracted a large readership since its inception back in August 2010. The slick design, lively interviews and well informed reviews have recently been accompanied by two huge collaborative ambient releases in the free-to-download SEQUENCE series, curated by Futuresequence’s owner Michael Waring. With the success of SEQUENCE 1 & 2 it seemed almost inevitable that Futuresequence would evolve into a fully fledged netlabel and so it has come to pass with the imminent digital download release of the label’s first album by Radere – I’ll Make you Quiet.

Radere is Carl Ritger who lives near the picturesque foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder, Colorado. He has been working as a sound artist since 2003 blending field recordings with electronic processing, effects and guitar. While Ritger apparently eschews synthesis techniques in favour of live instrumentation and organic looping this album does sound distinctly electronic and full of sound synthesis, a common result of processing original sounds to such extremes that the source can no longer be identified.

Opening track I’ll Make You Quiet sets the tone for the rest of the album where clear visual and audible influences from the mountainous scenery around his home filter down into Ritger’s expansive soundscapes, managing to sound by turns majestic, forbidding and melancholic. Soaring drone pads are gradually subsumed under an ear shredding layer of distorted white noise for much of the first track, which just barely manages to stay on the right side of listenable. The noise fortunately passes toward the end like a clearing storm and a gentle fading drone is revealed beneath.

The next three tracks have a similar format where an underlying repeated loop phrase is given dynamics through the use of effects processing with much reverb, echo and distortion thrown in to create some atmospheric pieces. Sometimes, I can’t Make Full Sentences actually manages to mimic the album cover in sound with a distinct sense of cloud rolling ominously down a dark mountain valley.

Final track Stay Away is the longest track on the album and, to my mind, the most fully developed of the tracks on offer. From a quiet start it builds into a menacing swirl with a little distortion here an there and some cold blasts of icy wind. The use of field recorded keys jangling around only serves to increase the heightened tension, as if you are following a climber, harness full of clanking belays and karabiners, into the maelstrom above.

Radere successfully manages to capture the essence of changing weather conditions, environment and scenery in this mountainous first offering from Futuresequence and provides a rock solid foundation on which the label can now grow. I look forward to traversing the many pathways of experimental music that will be on offer in the future.

Radere – I’ll Make You Quiet. Futuresequence FSoo1. Digital Download. Mastered by Jannick Schou. Released 24/1/2012


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