Soundscape De Nostalgia is the debut EP by Hampshire, UK based solo artist Alex Fawcett, otherwise known as Arboretus. Having been a member of underground post-metal outfit Oceanus since 2008, Alex decided to switch his attentions towards more of a ambient/drone project whilst Oceanus are currently on an indefinite hiatus. The EP conveys some deep references towards some events Alex has experienced over the past few years, with a strong emphasis on nostalgia. Alex took strong influence from the likes of Stars of the Lid, Steve Roach, Raison d’etre, Cranes and Laki Mera.

Track Listings:

1 Hymn For Eurasian Misery Movement I – This is a moody, melancholic and dreamlike number with a warm drone background, heavily delayed and reverbed guitar and some nicely placed pulsing rhythm provided by recorded sounds. Bassy monastic choral layers push through here and there to give the piece a weighty but spacious sound and I enjoyed the female vocal samples in there too – a really nice track !

2. Cloudy Sunday – A brighter tone to this track with layers of looped guitar and the sound of children playing in the background.

3. Hymn For Eurasian Misery Movement II – Back to the haunting sound of drifting guitar melody on this one which picks up the looped melody in track 2 and stretches it out into a more developed soundscape with some dissonant phrases here and there. Ends on a lovely fade out of breathy vocal phrasing.

An accomplished debut here with plenty of room for the development of an individual style on future releases.

Listen & Download:  Release Date: 24th October 2011

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