My thanks to Kate Carr for the opportunity to take part in the creation of this compilation. I’ll let Kate describe the background to the project in her own words……..

This is a compilation about a small beach in Sydney , Australia called Burning Palms.  Accessible only on foot, It is the home of black cockatoos, many palm trees and a natural figure eight rock pool. Most contributers haven’t been there. For them this compilation has been a process of imagination and fantasy, for others it has been one of nostalgia, remembering and forgetting.

This compilation is about the process of imbuing a place with meaning, a common theme in ambient music. But rather than aiming to uncover some inner essence of the landscape this compilation looks at how this act can be just as much a work of fiction as one of fact.

Tracks by: Broken Chip, Savaran, Kate Carr, Sublamp, All N4tural, Manrico Montero, Adam WIlliams, Darren McClure, Every Bolt Rumbling.  Mastering: 12k

Burning Palms is a free download, but if you like it please consider donating a small amount to help cover the mastering costs. To download it visit here:  You can also make a donation on this page if you want to.

Praise for previous Flaming Pines releases:

Summer Floods – Kate Carr
“Carr’s work explores unconventional sounds, and challenges herself and
her listener to push outside their comfort zone. The vivid cinematic
quality it possesses creates a dramatic edge, intensely visual and
memorable.”      Future Sequence

Listen to the weather – Various Artists
“As a whole, the tracks on Listen to the Weather display a homogeneity of
structural approach, with most artists favouring an introductory drone,
a scattering of digital debris (the results of the weather data
sonification) followed by the interplay of melodic material drawn from
the mostly well-disguised song sample. However the manipulation of this
harmonic material offers many surprises and makes this album a
particularly pleasurable listening experience and an interesting
addition to the area of ecologically focused sound practice.”       RealTime Arts