PJE is UK based artist Phil Edwards who entered the electronic music scene in 2006 after a musical hiatus of five years. Formerly a guitar player for various indie bands in the 1990’s he now works on solo projects in the electronic and ambient genres.  His four track EP Hidden Stone has been released on Patpong Records based in Bucharest, Romania and follows a string of releases since 2007 on labels including October Man Recordings, Cold Room and Elpa.

At just under 20 minutes this is a calm and undemanding listen that will easily accompany a spare moment of relaxation in your day with tracks constructed from repeated acoustic guitar phrases, synth chords and textures, occasional processed vocals and minimalist analog style (think TR-606) drum machine beats.  The simple layered structure of the tracks belies a clever meld of field recorded sounds with muffled beats, melodic guitar and synth overtones that gives  a slightly melancholy, but also restive and contemplative quality to the tracks. I particularly enjoyed Diffract with its distorted female vocals, pulsing morse code rhythm, spare synth-choir style chords and the doom laden piano notes at the end.

This EP is well worth a listen and despite being released in February 2011 you can still pick up the download at Patpong Records and at all the other major download emporiums eg, Beatport, iTunes etc. If you like PJE’s work then do also have a look at his latest EP release Abstractions on Twistedtreeline which was released on 10th July.

PJE – Hidden Stone. Patpong Records PPR039DL. Released 25/2/2011 http://patpongrecords.com/01_pages/04_artists/pje.html

PJE – Abstractions. Twistedtreeline. Released 10/7/11 http://www.twistedtreeline.co.uk/page9.html

PJE – Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/PJE/162631640461914?sk=wall

PJE – Soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/pjetunes