An expat now living in Merriwa, Australia, Jonathan Read is well versed in electro-acoustic dronescapes with a previous release on the Ephre label and recent releases on Enpeg and Under the Spire.

This new Ephre Imprint offering has hints of his previous Volans excursion from earth into the vacuum of space through deep evolving drone textures.  The opener Patterns Emerge consists of overlapping guitar-based and heavily reverbed drone textures with a field recording of what sounds to me like someone pattering around in mud. Like a Dream is, well, like a dream – soft industrial hisses of steam and ticking machinery merge with a deep bass underlay to carry you off on a distinctly meditative journey. The third track Tree on Moon contrasts metallic chime drones and a distant fading click with an underbelly of guitar laden washes of sound cocooned in a gentle amniotic pulse. This piece unfolds nicely and is for me the most developed track on this release. The EP closes with Pass which has an altogether darker atmosphere presenting a nightmarish soundscape of breathy hiss and a deep growling rumble that evolves throughout.

This is a rewarding 21 minute listen for fans of darker, spacious electro-acoustic dronescapes.

Jonathan Read – Volans 2. Ephre Imprint (EPH09). Released on cdr May 2011.