Jeff Stonehouse has been recording under the Listening Mirror name since October 2009 in collaboration with the classically trained multi-instrumentalist Kate Tustain and their output has been steady and well received with releases on aReW Records, Somehow Recordings, Heat Death Records, Rural Colours and Entropy Records. Although Kate Tustain departed from the collaboration in January 2011 she provided vocals on this self-released 3″ CD which is limited to 100 copies.

Jeff’s artwork is the first thing you see when the CD arrives on its postcard – a glowing photographic cover of stark leafless trees which suggests we are in for some warm drone textures punctuated by Jeff’s trademark meandering piano notes and sparse melodic chords. Originally intended as a full 45 minute piece called ‘The Lovechild Symphony’, which was started over a year ago, this work has now been split into two parts with the second EP titled ‘Your Laughter Flutters in my Veins’ due out later this year.

Even in the Quietest Moments opens with lush symphonic strings that soar with a panning deep drone in the background before settling into layers of sweeping synth ambience and soft processed noise. There is a hushed epic quality here that would suit some historical or fantasy film/game soundtracks  and this carries throughout the whole piece which is thoroughly dreamy in character. Kate’s voice adds a haunting quality as it fades in and out of the layered drone textures while piano notes thread through the faded tapestry here and there along with vocal sound recordings of what sounds to me like someone shouting out numbers. The 22 minute track winds down effortlessly on sustained angelic vocals and gentle ripples of piano. Considering this track is edited down from parts of a much longer work the finished piece works really well and feels complete. A fine piece of music then and the second part is much anticipated.

Listening Mirror – Even in the Quietest Moments. 3″ CD of 100 copies plus download version. Running time: 21:52. Self Released on 4/4/2011

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