It’s good to be back reviewing after four months at the coalface producing tracks for a couple of releases due out this Spring. Apologies to people waiting for reviews which have been delayed by my lengthy creative process.

Anyway, less about me and more about our next review artist, Ennio Mazzon, from Treviso in Italy. Ennio is a field recordist and sound artist with previous releases on the Impulsive Habitat, Q-tone, Audiotalaia, Resting Bell, Time Theory and October Man Recordings labels. He also runs his own label, Ripples Recordings, which concentrates on electroacoustic releases.

Earlier works typically explore the fusion of field recorded sounds from the natural environment with processed electronic sound to create a suffused alternative sonic landscape inhabited by waterborne transformations and concrete sounds which “transform the natural silence”.

Unlike his earlier work Azure Allochiria is a wholly electronic experiment borne from laptop improvisations and recording spanning just over a year. Given the length of time to stitch this work together you might expect a formless mass of unrelated material in the final work, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the five pieces making up the album do in fact work cohesively, particularly after a couple of listenings.

Ennio’s purpose throughout the album was to explore the full range of tones and textures available in the electronic dimension. At times this album feels like you are partaking in an extended audiological ear test with frequencies from micro to macrosound level being gently pushed into your brain which swims in a sine wave sea. A trembling rivulet transforms into chirping pulses, mechanical valves hissing, a trilling analogue switchboard, droid chatter in a sci-fi scrapyard or muffled movements in the room next door – you can make up multiple scenes in the mind from this material and that is the joy of the whole work really.

Perfectly suited to a live sound art environment, art  installation  or being played at high volume in your own space this is an intriguing and multi-layered work that explores some stimulating sonic territory.

Ennio Mazzon – Azure Allochiria, Triple Bath (TRB.029). Released as CDR 24/12/2010. Running time: 54:26

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