Few Quiet People is an independent label based in Poland. It was created by Wojciech Krasowski and Maciej Nejman in 2009 and currently holds a roster of fourteen artists from all over the world. The labels stated aim is to drive drone music in the direction of pop, but I  think there is something lost in the translation here and that their real aim is to make the drone aesthetic more widely appealing by exploring new directions in the contemporary experimental/electronic and electro-acoustic scenes.

If that is their real aim then this has certainly been achieved judging by the diverse output on the 2011 promo sampler which you can download free from their website here http://www.fewquietpeople.com/releases.php?cd=9 (tip – click on the image to start the download).

The sampler contains 10 tracks with a strong showing from Polish artists but also includes artists from Australia, Czechoslovakia, Japan, China and Italy.  While there are traditional drone elements underlying many of the tracks they are rarely given prominence and tend to be suffused with sound from multiple layers of processed acoustic instruments, field recorded sounds and unfathomable effects chains. You will be treated to the sounds of bright skipping piano and glitched sounds mixed with a train chug beat on Waiting For The Answer 1, the wonderfully demented fairground soundscape of An Arc 5, the haunting sounds of a disused quayside on Shipyard,  the harsh distorted noise of Lost and the bizarrely musical examination of a petri dish in Bacterio Captium.

There is much to enjoy here and if the sampler is anything to go by this will be an excellent year for Few Quiet People.