The Ember Music Compilation Volume 1 has been released today on Bandcamp The album includes wholly electronic music covering many genres from ambient to experimental and all stations in between and showcases the recent work of twelve artists on the label including me.

Ember Music was started in June 2010 as a purely artist-run label that would allow and encourage artists to take control of their own development and creations while providing an environment for them to collaborate and learn from one another.

In the labels first 6 months of existence it has gathered together artists from all over the world (USA, UK, Spain, Turkey, Canada, Iceland). It represents where Ember music is at this point in time, showing both the common threads and the unique aspects of each of the  artists and shows the potential of where Ember Music goes from here.

Ember Music Compilation Volume 1. Ember Music. Released 01 January 2011. Mastered by William Bendrot