Somehow I managed to miss this debut release on Audiomoves, the digital download offshoot of the Sheffield based Audiobulb label, where there have been a string of excellent releases lately by artists working in the experimental and minimalist music genres using field recorded sounds and sound processing techniques. 

Szymon Kaliski is a young musician producing music from his home near Poznan in Poland. He composes track elements using loops of acoustic material blended with field recordings captured in his local environment and mixes the results using Ableton Live and Max4live. He is refreshingly honest about the fact that many tracks result from happy mistakes that produce interesting material (a technique I thoroughly subscribe to 🙂  )  

The album Out of Forgetting was made during the long Winter of 2009 and the quiet reflective time that harsh Winters seem to provide has certainly triggered some excellent soundcrafting from Szymon.  Sparse piano chords and notes treated with plenty of spacious reverb and delay are accompanied by trembling background drones and ever so subtle field recorded sounds of people talking, perhaps someone writing on paper, microphone noise  and low washes of white noise, wind, or the sea. Many tracks are also accompanied by the now familiar and dreaded vinyl crackle or static noise which I am really not a great fan of, as many of you will know by reading my past reviews. With the exception of the second track, As Unimportant, where the crackle is really quite intrusive, it is fair to say that the technique is mercifully used with care throughout and never really dominates the mix.  

Overall this album has a gentle melancholy atmosphere conjured up by subtle shifting textures. It is an accomplished debut which manages to find its own place in this crowded genre without pushing the boundaries too far this time round.  Szymon clearly has a lot of hidden potential to create something really unique and special in his future releases and I look forward to hearing how his musical output develops over the next year.

Szymon Kaliski – Out of Forgetting. Audiomoves AM004. Digital Download. Released June 2010.    





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