Jonathan at the Hibernate Recordings label can do no wrong at the moment and his choice of releases this year has always been consistently excellent with a great deal of anticipation for each new offering.

Wil Bolton’s Time Lapse album, the first release under his own name, is a fine addition to the expanding Hibernate catalogue of experimental ambient, electronic and electroacoustic drone  music. Better known as the glitch/IDM maestro Cheju and Boltfish Recordings label owner, this album is a departure from the norm for Wil and a move into more understated sonic territories populated by shifting electronic textures and environmental soundscapes.

Processed electric and classical guitara, vintage analog synthesizers (eg. Korg MS-10), chimes, 4-track tape, loopers and pedals together with subtly mixed environmental sounds all combine to create a wonderful sense of place throughout this album – the perfect soundtrack to a lazy Sunday afternoon!

Stand out tracks for me included the opening Falling Away with its echoing guitars and cafe atmosphere populated by clinking china, footsteps and faint conversations. Collapsed Chimes has a mix of gorgeous glassy, bell-like chimes perfectly layered over background chatter, whispers and station announcements with minimalist electronic tones weaving throughout.  Slate opens with birdsong and a low drone together with the swish of cars passing on a distant road. Sparse notes and brief melodic phrases on keyboards are accompanied by slow footfalls on gravel – a luminous track that conjures up memories of peaceful estuarine or woodland walks.

Another thoroughly recommended release from me for an album which has already proved to be very popular with reviewers and listeners since its release on November 29th.

Wil Bolton – Time Lapse. Hibernate Recordings HB22. Released November 29th 2010.