Hi! I’m pleased to announce that the Microcosmos EP is now available on the Gradient Audio Label. These tracks were originally aired on my Soundcloud pages as demos some months back and Jason Foster at Gradient Audio kindly offered to do an EP with fully mastered versions of the tracks on his new dubstep/downtempo/ambient label. The tracks were mastered by Ben Jura at GCR Audio and I think they sound really warm, full and detailed compared to my lowly mastering efforts on the original demos.

If you like your ambient on the slightly darker side with lots of shifting textures and atmosphere then you will probably like these tracks.  Currently you can get the EP downloads here at Digital Tunes http://www.digital-tunes.net/search?search=gradient+audio or http://www.digital-tunes.net/releases/microcosmos_ep  The EP will also be on Addictech soon http://bit.ly/ht8HEr and further releases will appear on iTunes, Amazon and Juno by the end of the month.

Your feedback on the EP would be most welcome and I hope you enjoy the music 🙂