Back in April this year I read a review about the new Portuguese electronic project known as Papercutz led by Bruno Miguel and their debut album Lylac, released by Apegenine Recordings (Canada) in 2008 .  The sound was exciting and new and blended electronic, electro-acoustic and field recorded sounds with English and Portuguese vocals in a heady mix of pop and avant-garde/electro-classical genres. It seemed cutting edge to me and the full album did not disappoint when it arrived – it has been much played over the rest of this year.

I was therefore delighted when I found out that one of my favourite experimental electronic music labels in the UK, Audiobulb ,was bringing out a remix album of Lylac featuring an impressive array of  the most respected artists in the world of electronic, drone  and electro-acoustic ambient music. 

Released in April 2010 Do Outro Lado Do Espelho (Lylac Ambient Reworks)  includes 12 remix tracks by Helios, Simon Scott, Taylor Deupree, Rameses III, Autistici, Jasper TX, Emanuele Errante, He Can Jog, Chris Bissonnette, The Astroboy and Feu Follet. All of the tracks show a great respect for the original material and tend to develop around the haunting/smoky vocal phrases of Melissa Veras’s voice or subtle melodic phrases from the acoustic instrumentation of the source material. The remix album complements the original Lylac to such an extent that you would have thought it was from a double disc original release.

Having said that the ambient reworks definitely reflect the artistic process of their originators and the Lylac tracks have been throughly disected, morphed, stretched or compressed by master surgeons then re-assembled into an album playing out in some sort of dreamy parallel universe where all the same elements exist, but fused into utterly different forms.

My favourite interpretations include the magical Helios remix which is now accompanied by a fantastic CGI based video directed by Daihei Shibata and the sublime Taylor Deupree remix of Do outro lado do Espelho which interweaves fragmented guitar lines with evocative vocal phrases and TD’s unique processed field recordings. The latter track also has its own video directed by Javi Devitt

Bruno Miguel is now recording his second album under the Papercutz moniker which will place the electronics more in the background, giving way to the vocals and acoustic instruments. He has also hinted that a further ambient remix may arise from the next project. I look forward to seeing what this innovative artist and his musical collaborators come up with next and I can thoroughly recommend both the remix album and the original Lylac album.   

The remix album Do Outro Lado do Espelho (Lylac Ambient Reworks) is available from Audiobulb Records here