After all the album reviewing this week and a lot of reading (i’m currently ploughing through the hugely satisfying 664 page tome ‘Electric Eden: Unearthing Britains Visionary Music by Rob Young ) it was great this afternoon to just relax and noodle with the synths. I didn’t really intend to finish a track, but it all somehow came together anyway as I added layers to the nice gritty base drone that I had buzzing on the DSI Tetra 4 analog synth. With some pad chords giving a little melody and some ambient sounds courtesy of Zebra 2.5 a darkish ambient piece soon took shape. Some light synthetic beats fading in and out finished the track off.  It sounded kind of like deep space exploration and the little image that accompanies the track on Soundcloud is a screenshot I took while I was on the original Galaxy Zoo project classifying galaxies – not sure where that belt of stars are now, but they still look amazing. So here is ‘Deep Navigation’…..

Deep Navigation by Savaran