I say studio, but its actually a study populated with electronic equipment and rather small ! Many people ask what my setup is for recording music and designing sounds so I thought I would just give you a quick tour….The Studio Setup August 2010

So from top left at the top of the keyboard stand we have the Korg Padkontrol which I use for creating drum parts or triggering samples. Immediately below that the small black box is the M-Audio Fast Track Ultra USB audio interface which is connected to the PC under the desk – this processes all sound heading in and out of the PC.  The silver keyboard below that is the Novation X-Station synth/controller which produces some great virtual analog sounds and has a superb set of semi-weighted keys with aftertouch. Below that the black keyboard with LCD screen is the Korg M50 workstation which can do pretty much everything, you can can even record whole tracks on it. I tend to use it for its realistic sampled instruments, particularly the pianos, guitars and strings, but it can also do complex evolving sounds when connected up to the Karma software.  Underneath the M50 and keyboard stand is my Korg Microkorg on the floor – a great synth for punchy leads, bass and arpeggios.

On the desk you can see the two black and yellow KRK RP6 monitors sitting on Auralex mopads to prevent them resonating through the desk. These are about the right size for the room and give a good clear sound with enough bass for accurate mixing. I’ve got quite used to their characteristics  and wouldn’t swap them for anything else now.  On the left of the desk the small box is my latest acquisition – the Dave Smith Instruments Tetra 4 analog synth.  Under the LCD monitor is my trusty Evolution Mk449c controller.  On the far right of the desk, glowing red, is the Native Instruments Kore 2 controller which is superbly crafted and great for sound design in conjunction with the Kore 2 software.

Finally, on the small table in the bottom right corner, is my Korg MS20 controller which is linked to the Korg Legacy Analog Edition software, but also acts as a general controller.  There are also  multiple unseen software synthesisers including Alchemy, Absynth 5, Kontakt 4, Reaktor 5, Battery 3, Dimension Pro, Rapture, Granite and Ambient which reside on the PC.

My recording software, or DAW,  is Live 8 (currently 8.1.4).   And that concludes the tour for today 🙂