Hi and welcome to the blog !

Oh no, not another music blog,  I hear you say ! It seems every musician has to have a blog these days to add to the assortment of social networking paraphernalia which are essential to getting your work recognised by a wider audience. Its not enough that we have to Tweet all day long and add entries to Facebook, now we have the obligatory regular blog entry too.  Finding the time to actually create some music these days is an art in itself !!

So what is the purpose of the blog ? I see it very much as an in-depth extension to Twitter and Facebook – a bit more of a diary really. With Twitter you are limited to a 140 character burst of information, usually just links to things that interest me in my case, and with Facebook you have a slightly larger character limit, but also the vagaries of the Facebook interface to deal with, which is clunky and counter-intuitive a lot of the time.

I will be posting up lots of stuff relating to my musical interests on here which range quite widely so you can expect posts on new tracks I am working on, sound design, sound art, field recording, music technology, book reviews, album and EP reviews, electronic music in all of its various forms, acoustic archaeology and just plain random goodness from our fascinating world and the universe beyond – now does that sound enticing or what ?  🙂